Citizen Central Platform

Citizens want to engage with e-governance at the time of their choice and channel of their choice be it Voice, IVR, SMS, Email or Chatbot. This can be challenging for traditional CRM systems. Citizen Central Platform, powered by ValueFirst, helps local government bodies deploy a 24X7 automation solution to address this opportunity. Smart City teams can personalize at scale and respond to citizens’ queries by automating regular queries and standardized FAQs.

Citizen Central Solution consists of 3 modules: -

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Our Offerings

    AS A Service
    APIs for SMS, Email, Mobile Apps,
    Voice and Authentication.
  • CROSS Channel Communication Platform
    Create conversation workflows across
    channels triggered on consumer action.
  • AI DRIVEN Conversation
    Build, Host and Manage intelligent,
    NLP enabled Chat Bots.

Our Channels

  • Email
  • Push Messaging
  • Social
  • SMS
  • Direct Mail
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web
  • Bot

Citizen Central is powered by

Founded in 2003, ValueFirst is a B2B company connecting enterprises to consumers, enabling intelligent conversations across channels through various communication platforms.

We empower 4Bn interactions per month and offer the following :

  • Communication platform as a service: Cloud based platform/APIs for SMS, Voice, Email and Authentication
  • Cross channel communication platform: Marketing automation platform integrating channels of SMS, Email, Voice and Social media for better communication workflows
  • AI driven conversation platform: Build, host and manage intelligent Natural Language Processing enabled Bots

Driven by 300+ passionate employees serving a diversified customer base across BFSI, E-commerce, Retail, IT Software, Manufacturing, Internet, Automobile, Government sector, Education, Travel, Media, Hospitality, Healthcare, Consumer verticals, etc.

The company enjoys strong relationships with telecom operators and has a global footprint across India, Middle East, Bangladesh & UK.